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IFMAs Deep Dive - blue shadow-v4 

Digitize Your FM Operations

October 10, 2023 | Boston, MA, USA


IFMAs Deep Dive - blue shadow-v4

Digitize Your FM Operations

October 10, 2023 | Boston, MA, USA

Technology, procurement and change management

During this one-day immersive event, we will explore real-life scenarios where challenges are overcome, effective communication with leadership is established, approvals are obtained, a seamless procurement process is ensured, and the alignment of FM operational technology (OT) with IT is achieved.
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Join us to discover the significance of a successful digital transformation strategy and walk away with valuable hands-on tools and expert tips for seamlessly integrating technologies into your organization.


Strategies and tactics from industry experts

Tailored for senior facility managers and technology leaders, seize the opportunity to register today and glean invaluable insights from industry pioneers. Explore the dynamic landscape of the digital transformation journey and discover how it can empower your organization to thrive in the digital age.

Topics and sessions include:

  • What FMs need to know about DT, OT and IT to guide organizations toward success
  • Interactive breakouts focusing on user experiences, operations, and preparing for technology implementation and adoption
  • Best practices discussion and workshop on developing SOWs and RFPs for procuring the right technology for your facilities
  • How to lead the OT and IT alignment for your organization
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Covering critical trends and topics

For your digital transformation journey

Business Model

Digital Enhancements
Info-based Service Extensions
Multisided Platform Business
Customer Experience
Customer Experience

Experience Design
Customer Intelligence
Emotional Engagement

Core Process Automation
Connected & Dynamic Operations
Employee Experience
Employee Experience

Digital Platform

Externally Facing
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Setting the stage

Digital Transformation &
the FM Industry

Digital transformation initiatives have been a prominent force for the past decade, but it was the COVID-19 pandemic that truly thrust numerous organizations into a digital-first realm. These digital technologies serve as the fundamental catalyst for change in the business landscape, extending their influence to facility management (FM) as well.[1]

In today's landscape, organizations now rely on FM teams to not only support organization-wide initiatives but also spearhead specific DT efforts. However, this poses a significant challenge for many FM leaders. The impact of DT goes beyond the mere adoption of new technologies, as it fundamentally alters the role of buildings in value creation and transforms how FM companies operate, catering to the needs of core organizations and end users.

As a result, DT is not just a technical hurdle for FM leaders. Simply adopting new technologies is not enough; organizations must also develop new capabilities that align with your business goals. Therefore, DT is more of a leadership challenge. Leaders must guide their organizations through this transformational journey as technology advances rapidly, affecting community, ecosystem, and customer expectations.

The FM community and built environment needs practical advice moving forward.

Learn how to harness and lead digital technology strategy and implementation for your organization at IFMA's Deep Dive.

Hear from the industry's best

Matt Dawson

Matt Dawson
Global Operations Leader,
Real Estate Services, Business Enablement

Ed Wilson-Smythe

Edward Wilson-Smythe
Director, Digital Innovation

Julian Phillips

Julian Phillips
Senior Vice President of Global Workplace & Managing Director of XTG

Jeff Saunders

Jeffrey Saunders
Director, Research | IFMA
CEO | Nordic Foresight

Jake Smithwick

Dr. Jake Smithwick
Professor, William States Lee College of Engineering
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Kenn Sullivan

Dr. Kenneth Sullivan
Professor, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
Arizona State University

Darlene Pope

Darlene Pope
President, North America

Eddy Wagoner

Edward Wagoner
JLL (Retired) 

Juliet Hollyhurst

Juliet Hollyhurst
Onvation Business Operations Leader

Chris Lilly

Chris Lilly
Senior Vice President of Technology


Kaynam Hedayat

Kaynam Hedayat
Vice President, Digital Buildings Enterprise Software
Schneider Electric


Additional Learning

Complimentary Materials for Registrants

As part of your participation in the Deep Dive event, you will be enrolled in IFMA's Digitization Series and
also receive a free copy of IFMA's report, The Facility Manager's Guide to Procuring Technology. 


IFMA's Digitization Series

This is a five-part series titled Early Steps in the Digitization of Facilities. These comprehensive eLearning modules cover the five essential components of Facility Management: Assets, Processes, People, Technology, and Sustainability. Each lesson will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to enhance and create sustainable performance and delivery of your Facility Management services.

Learn More →

FM Guide Report _ tile

The Facility Manager's Guide to Procuring Technology Report

This guidebook will help facility professionals procure technology in an ever-changing world. Many find the task of specifying a scope, evaluating proposals, conducting interviews, facilitating product demonstrations, and (eventually) signing a contract to be incredibly daunting in the technology space. A comprehensive set of tools, checklists and resources which can be immediately applied to your next IT purchase are included within the report. 

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[1] George Westerman (2022) “Mastering new elements of digital transformation for the facility management industry,” IFMA Leading the Digital Transformation Executive Summit.